Things to seriously consider before your cataract surgery

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cataract surgery

Things to seriously consider before your cataract surgery


Cataracts are common problems in the lens of the eye that features a progressively cloudy vision and a severe reduction of your visual acuity over time. In advanced cases, cataracts are noticeable for everyone to see as a whitish element inside the black portion of your eyes, but milder cases are detected after closer examination by a doctor.

If you have been recommended to undergo cataract surgery, you may already know that it is about removing your lens and replacing it with another artificial device. The outcomes are generally very positive, and modern ophthalmology techniques allow for very small incisions that will heal by themselves over time and a wide variety of lens options to choose from. So, what should you consider before undergoing cataract surgery, and how to prepare for that?

Choose your lens according to your lifestyle


There are monofocal and multifocal implants to choose from, and they behave similarly to regular glasses. A multifocal lens is excellent if you need more focus for near vision and it is made to provide different areas in the lens according to the zone you’re looking at. The only bad thing is that they create halos and distort bright light.

Conversely, monofocal lens can be combined with reading glasses for occasional near vision, and it provides the best contrast vision for driving and doing your day-to-day activities. It is probably the best option for young patients, and is more likely to be covered by your insurance company. More recently, an accommodating monofocal lens has become available, and it accommodates your vision to provide a clearer view of the distance and middle vision, but not near vision.

Prepare for cataract surgery


After choosing your lens and appointing your surgery, your doctor will need a few tests and a few follow-up visits to make sure everything is fine for surgery. Keep in mind that, after follow-up evaluations and surgery, you won’t be able to drive and will need someone else to assist you or arrange a ride home.


There will be appointments with your ophthalmologist and instructions to follow one week and one day before surgery. Do not drink alcohol and use any medication or eye drops provided by your doctor as instructed. Try to be fully rested, and if you feel stressed or worried, talk to your doctor about available recommendations to relax. During the day of the surgery, wear comfortable clothing and no cosmetics or perfume.

As you can see, there is much to do on your side to have successful cataract surgery, but your doctor’s skill plays an important part as well. Thus, look for the best ophthalmologist in Dubai to be guided appropriately in choosing the most appropriate lens and improve the outcomes of surgery by trusting your eyes to a medical team with modern equipment and the most advanced techniques. You can relax if you go for the best ophthalmologist and follow his instructions because everything else will be covered by a professional in his field. Book your appointment now.

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