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One of the most important specialties at the hospital is the Radiology Department. It helps provide accurate diagnosis for most cases therefore equipped with the latest high-end radiological healthcare devices to deal with our most challenging patients. Prominent among these is the Revolution CT, considered to be the most advanced device worldwide. Revolution CT is used for Computerized Tomography and is highly capable of capturing clear heart images of the highest quality in a single heartbeat, which is considered to be a quantum leap in the field of cardio-pathic diagnosis. Revolution CT enables physicians to get more details on the human heart with an unprecedented degree of visibility and in a non-interferometric way, benefiting a large number of patients with tachy-cardia or any other heart illnesses. The device also offers a variety of advantages; it is capable of emitting only a limited dose of X-ray without the need for more than a single dose. It can also be used to perform a comprehensive brain analysis, dynamic diagnosis of hepatic, renal and pancreatic tumors. This enables physicians to analyze blood flow through blood vessels. Surely, all these features sum up to a totally better patient experience.


Referrals will also notice the great technological development of the Radiology Division with the availability of Optima MR450W, a magnetic resonance imaging device considered to be the most advanced among other magnetic resonance devices. It’s designed with more than 160 different x-ray settings and automatically applies the most appropriate settings for the body part needed to be scanned. Digital fluoroscopy devices are also available in the Radiology Division; used for remote-controlled scanning of the urinal and digestive appara-tuses with the least amount of x-ray. Other advanced devices available the Division include Ultrasound scanning devices, capable of capturing 4D images, easily and promptly detecting blood clots developed blood vessels. Digital Mammography, to detect small-sized cancer tumors. These Digital X-ray devices have automatic patient-positioning features, because patients’ comfort and safety is our main concern.


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