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Our Emergency Department is the most efficient in the Middle East, Having the latest technologies and advanced equipment and is completely electronically operated. The Department is known for its high readiness and rapid intervention to receive different critical cases in different specialties. In addition, the Google Glass program – which is being communicate with patients’ escorts during their transport by ambulance in order to carry out required medical preparations and provide medical support as soon as the patient arrives. Furthermore, it includes specific unit dedicated for cardiac rehabilitation, with fully equipped operating rooms that enables the medical crew to handle all kinds of injuries and carry out immediate surgeries. The Department is also equipped with the latest vital Sings Monitors, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation devices (CPR), Artificial Respiration devices and radiology devices to allow physicians to conduct all diagnosis tests without the need to move the patient to other departments.


Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital has the most advanced Digital Surgical Center across the Middle East. It provides for our referrals the highest rates of quality and safety. The hospital includes Digital ORs that are connected to the radiology and laboratory divisions as well as endoscopy devices. It is also equipped with high definition and high quality screens that demonstrate the patient’s data and the surgical procedures ensuring a higher level of accuracy during surgeries. Moreover, many devices support touch screens so processes could be more expedient and more work could be achieved. The Surgical Center at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital also has a large number of operating rooms designed for various kinds of surgery, simple and complicated. Moreover, the hospital provides the most cutting-edge devices in all specialties, including the surgical microscope PENTERO 900, which has its excellent benefits in brain and nerve surgeries as well as brain tumor surgery. The most advanced generation of OPMI Lumera 700 devices, used in retina and cataract surgeries, is also available at the hospital.

The Intensive Care Units at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital are well equipped with the most advanced respiratory and cardiac monitoring devices making it possible to provide all categories oi patients (elders,children and adults) with the care they need across all specialties, including (General Care Pediatrics Coronary Care Newborn and Premature Care) using the most refined and advanced CPR devices. In addition,a nurse is appointed for each patient along with a hand-picked group of specialized consultants and highly-experienced nursing personnel dedicated to watch over every patient around the clock Moreover, ICU’s include quarantine rooms designed to prevent the spread of infections. Such rooms are equipped with negative pressure systems, a large number of artificial respiration devices, cutting-edge monitoring systems working by means of sensors used on the skin in away that doesn’t annoy a patient as the traditional methods do. Central monitoring systems are also available, ensuring continuous follow-up, as well as the most advanced electrocardiographs.


Highlights of Day 1 of ICEM – HMG Conference

Highlights of Day 2 of ICEM – HMG Conference

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