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Specialized Heart Failure

Heart disease is any condition that affects your heart’s ability to do its job, which is to pump blood throughout your body, feeding oxygen to all your tissues and organs.
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Dentistry dedicated to excellence.

Utilizing propelled restorative dental medicines and materials your Gentle Dental Cosmetic Dentists can have a genuine effect.
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Specialized in Hyperlipidemias

Endocrinology is a study concerning the endocrine glands existing in the human body. The endocrine system is composed of several glands that exist in different parts of the body, functioning to secrete hormones directly into the blood.
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Specialized Ear, Nose, Throat Treatment

Heart disease is any condition that affects We provide care for adults and children with ear, nose and throat disorders.
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At Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai, we have a fully functional and state of the art Gastroenterology department where highly motivated and a powerful team of technically sound Gastroenterologists are there to serve you in the best possible way.
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Specialized diagnosis of breast cancer

Having the best surgeons in the general surgery center is one of the core services of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital.
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Specialized OB-Gyne Treatment

Gynaecology department at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai is known for dealing with a wide array of medical issues related to women of all age groups.
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Diagnosis & Non-Surgical Treatment of Adults Diseases

Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non surgical treatment of adults diseases.
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Specialized diagnosing neurological diseases

The border to the psychiatry is partly fluent. In other words, the neurology deals more with the hardware, the psychiatry more with the software..
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Specialized anatomy and physiology of the eye

Ophthalmology is the medical branch that deals with the disease, anatomy and physiology of the eye.
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Invasive surgeries and Advanced Therapies

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Centre is one of the best hospitals in UAE for orthopedic surgery.
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Excellent Kids & Baby Care

Children are special beings in so many ways. The innocence found in them is not like anything in the world.
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Specialized Lung & Respiratory Treatments

Pulmonology is known as chest medicine and respiratory medicine in some countries and areas.
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Manage of All Aspects of Bones & Joints Disorders.

Rheumatology is the medical branch that deals with diseases of the locomotor system, the diseases and disorders of bones, joints, tendons, and muscles.
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Specialized Urology Treatments

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Specialized surgical intervention

Vascular surgery is one of the accurate surgical specialties where you, as a patient, need a qualified medical staff.
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