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Ophthalmology, according to the Greek language means the science of eye. The physician in the medical sciences who deals with this specialty is called an ophthalmologist or an eye doctor. An ophthalmologist treats the problems which are related to the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. Most common ways of catching the eye problems are dust. Staying in the air conditioner for long period of times etc. Today, in children too, eye problems are becoming more common due to the excessive use of mobile phones, tablets and video games. Luckily, if you are in Dubai and looking for the best eye clinic having the best eye specialists, you can come directly to Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital.


An ophthalmologist is responsible of taking care of and treating one of the most sensitive organs of a human body that is an eye. It is the ophthalmologist who makes sure that people keep on seeing the bright colors and beauty of the world. The carefully carried out ophthalmic treatments make sure that patients recover soon and fully from eye diseases so that they can continue enjoying the life at the fullest. As eyes are the most sensitive organ of the human body, it requires a truly caring, professional and experienced ophthalmic to make sure that there are no complications.


Like all other departments and medical specialties of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, we have tried our best to gather a team of globally renowned eye specialists to make sure that the patients of ophthalmic diseases are cured effectively. The range of services which are offered in the ophthalmology department are treatment of Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, Uveitis, Tonometry, Myopia, Visual Field test, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Diabetic Retinopathy. Other modern treatments include laser treatment for various diseases like eye cataracts, laser eye surgery and lasik eye surgery. We make sure that there are no eye problems which are not treated in our hospital. An all-around ophthalmology specialty serves you and protects your eyes from discomforts and diseases.


A modern and well equipped department of ophthalmology has dynamic, professional and qualified top ophthalmologists. It enables the hospital to provide the best healthcare services to ophthalmic patients. We are not only here for treating patients, but for making sure that we treat them with the best possible treatment. Also in the best possible manner because we not only care for our patients but also value them and their health.


In the quest of becoming the best healthcare and medical services hospital in Dubai, we thrive to provide the best facilities to our patients in every medical specialty and our Ophthalmology department is no exception. To become the best we needed the best and this is what we have done. Gathering the best eye doctors and ophthalmologists in one hospital to make sure that you do not have to go anywhere in search for the best eye specialists, was quite a task but it had to be done. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital did it by offering all the best services under one roof for the sake of patients’ comfort and feasibility.

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