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Is one of the core services of Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital. A wide range of healthcare services are provided to the patients who are suffering from diseases which need a surgery to be cured fully and effectively. A team of experienced surgeons make sure that every surgery is conducted to perfection, giving no opportunity to a failed or ineffective surgical procedure.


Focus on areas including the abdominal region that consists of intestines, stomach, esophagus, liver, small bowl, colon, bile ducts, thyroid gland and pancreas. Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai being a state of the art institution offers clients the best General Surgery in Dubai as it has the best team of general surgeons assuring nothing but perfection. For years we have rendered our expert professional surgeons to millions of patients across the Middle East. If you are in need of medical help then trust us with your problem, we promise, we won’t let you down.


Render for all sorts of non cosmetic breast surgery, especially pertaining to diagnosis of breast cancer. Wait, as there is still more, clients can also be assisted with medical facilities for GI bleeding, gastrectomy, gallbladder removal, Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair and hiatal hernia repair. Our renowned surgeons can deal with all sorts of surgeries related to the torso.

Colon or the large intestine is the last portion of the intestinal tract where water is absorbed and waste material is stored temporarily. Our doctors recommend a colon surgery when tumors on the colon are detected. The surgery is performed with utmost efficiency allowing patients to recover within a time span of four to six weeks.

Have plagued the human species since the origin of our species, but the good news is that with the advent of modern technology and advancements in medical science we can now counter these problems with the help of state of the art General Surgery Center and experienced surgeons who are able to perform any kind of surgery with 100 percent satisfactory results and with a maximum success ratio. Contact our surgeons and consult them in case you feel anal pain or bleeding.

We also have reliable plastic surgeons with us to provide the services to the patients who need it. The plastic surgery procedures can be time taking, testing and nerve wrecking, but we have the best plastic surgeons for you who make this journey quicker and safer.

Bariatric Surgery Department

Bariatric surgery is the only solution to weight-loss when diet, exercise, and tricks don’t work. Usually, bariatric surgery is considered a viable option when the body mass index (BMI) is over 35. However, it only works when there is an equal effort from your side and the doctors of your chosen bariatric clinic. It is important to remember that bariatric surgery will only work when you adopt strict dietary changes and some sort of regular physical exercise.

At the Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital has been established for years and has seen different advancements and improvements in the methods to curb obesity and weight-related issues. We are aware of the latest practices in the bariatric field and have been benefitting our patients with the advanced treatment.

Our team of Bariatric surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrist, nurses, Bariatric dietitians, endocrinologists, and anesthetists is capable enough to handle any case. The patients are well-supported at every stage by our professionals so the best results can be achieved.

The Road to Bariatric Surgery

For Bariatric surgery, the medical expert will choose a treatment method appropriate for the patient after going through his or her medical history and condition. It may or may not involve assessment from our psychologists and dieticians. We understand that each case is different when it comes to obesity surgery and our experts treat it the best way possible.
The Treatment Plan is not chosen by an individual.
Usually, there is a team of health experts belonging to different fields of medicine who pour their opinions considering the varied aspects of patient’s medical condition and history. Some patients can go to bariatric surgery directly while others may require some prerequisites before they can be cleared for the surgery. The end result is to form a road map for bariatric surgery from pre-surgery stages to the post-surgery care and attention.

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