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At Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai, we have a fully functional and state of the art Gastroenterology department where highly motivated and a powerful team of technically sound Gastroenterologists are there to serve you in the best possible way. Gastroenterology is one of the most important medical specialties, as it covers the disorders and diseases of the digestive system. The gastrointestinal tract is the main focus of the Gastroenterologists who are physicians of this specialty. The organs which are involved in Gastroenterology are from mouth to anus, thus is a very critical field of study in the medical sciences.


In shorter and simpler words, a Gastroenterologist is also known as gastrologist or more simply a stomach doctor. Gastroenterology is also simplified as gastrology. The diseases related to the specialty of Gastroenterology are injected through eating and drinking something which is contaminated or have some sort of bacterial or viral elements in it.

We at Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, have a panel of the most experienced and professional Gastroenterologists who are second to none in their mastery. We are fully aware of the extent to which Gastroenterology field is important to the patients. Most patients who come to our hospital are suffering from a Gastroenterology problem and are looking for the best gastroenterologist in town.


Here is a state of the art facility which not only provides the best healthcare facilities to the patients but also a viable opportunity for the Gastroenterologists to perform their professional duty in the field of Gastroenterology.

Gastroenterologists play a vital role in keeping the people healthy and for that purpose they need a properly and modernly equipped Gastroenterology department in the hospitals. If the patients are taken to the best gastrologist in time, many further complication and disorders can be prevented. There are so many organs which are affected by such diseases which are covered and focused in the department of Gastrology, that it is very crucial to take timely action.

For the best treatment under the supervision of highly qualified and professional Gastroenterologists, you can come to us physically or book your appointment online to get the best service and healthcare in the specialized field of Gastroenterology. Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital believes in delivering nothing less than the best.

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