Be a man and face the truth about urology

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Be a man and face the truth about urology


Men are proud to be manly, and it shows. They work out and want to look bulky and muscular, they choose great clothes, a fantastic aroma, and maintain a clean and stylish beard and mustache. Their style and attitude are meant to reflect they are healthy and have much to offer, but are they truly healthy?

Despite their vanity, men usually tend to neglect their health, and most of them do not visit doctors as often as women. Even when they are meant to run screening tests in the urology department, they often do not. But what is the truth about urology men try to ignore? The facts are clear, and the scientific data shows how important it is to maintain men’s health and not only their vanity.

The truth about urology nobody can ignore


The actual meaning of urology and its goal is not only related to men’s health. This specialty studies the whole urinary tract and the structures that directly or indirectly affect the urethra and the rest of the excretion tubes where urine is eliminated. Since the male’s prostate surrounds the urethra and the penis holds its outer portion, the majority of patients in the urology service are males.

But the actual truth about urology every male should know is that sooner or later most males will need assistance from these professionals. Prostate enlargement and other prostate ailments count as one of the most common problems among men. Around half of older adults will ultimately have prostate problems, and the incidence goes up to 90% after turning 85 years old. Of course, your risk will be higher if a family member has been already diagnosed with prostate problems.

Another urology fact men should know is that, even though there are blood tests for your prostate, no blood test is 100% accurate, and they should be compared with a digital rectal exam, especially in men with a familiar history of prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer.

When should I start visiting a urology specialist?


Many cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed very late, even in cities with skilled specialists in urology, meaning that there are still many who do not start screening for urology problems when they should. The best moment to begin screening for prostate cancer with a urology specialist is after turning 55 years old according to the latest recommendations by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.

However, it is a good idea to go to the urology specialist regardless of your age if any of your family members have a history of prostate cancer or you start experiencing urinary problems such as weak urinary steam, frequent urination, and a sensation of incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder. If you have any of these symptoms, remember urology is meant to solve these problems and much more.

As you have seen, the meaning of urology goes beyond rectal examination, but this is a necessary step to detect prostate cancer after a certain age. Don’t be afraid to talk to a urology specialist about your concerns and health issues and make your appointment a part of your routine to maintain your health as a man.

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